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Islam Qala, Afghan border with Iran


Jennifer Glasse has been an international correspondent since 1993, when she moved to Moscow for ABC News Radio. Her first conflict coverage came as Boris Yeltsin’s forces clashed with his opponents on the streets of Moscow in October, which culminated in Yeltsin sending tanks into the center of the Russian Capital. Jennifer went on to cover the Georgian civil war, the Chechen war and Yeltsin’s re-election campaign.


In 1996, she moved to Africa just in time for the beginning of the civil war in Zaire. In Kinshasa for the fall of Mobutu Sese Seko and the birth of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Jennifer chronicled the start of one of Africa’s bloodiest conflicts for Monitor Radio and the CBC. Her ABC News Radio report on the unfolding events won her an Overseas Press Club award.  Jennifer lived and worked in Africa for more than three years. Based in Nairobi, she covered hundreds of stories across the continent, in Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Congo Brazzaville and Senegal. She was the first CNN correspondent on the scene of the US Embassy bombing in Nairobi in 1998.


At the turn of the 21st century, Jennifer moved to London for The World, a BBC/Public Radio joint venture and for them travelled the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Her 2001 reporter’s notebook recorded as she crossed the closed Afghan border with a former mujahadeen leader and 4 truckloads of soldiers won a Gracie Allen award. In April, 2004 she was the only BBC correspondent in Fallujah, Iraq. She honed her TV shooting and editing and reporting skills working for Voice of America based in London. She also worked for ABC News Radio and TV in London. In 2010 Jennifer was in charge of ensuring the telethon for Haiti, organized by George Clooney, was seen and translated on Haitian television.  In 2011, she moved to Kabul where Jennifer currently works for Al Jazeera English as a TV correspondent.


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